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Welcome to the website of COHORS I BATAVORUM M.cR.P.F.


We are a newly-formed, but very experienced group of Roman/Germano-Celtic enthusiasts dedicated to the accurate  reconstruction of the  daily lives of Batavian auxiliary soldiers levied from the lower Rhineland and associated civilians attached to the Roman army during the mid-to-late First Century AD.

The auxiliary troops of the Roman army made up a vast portion of the fighting capability of the Roman army. Made up of non-citizens the main prize for enrolment into the army for these people was citizenship at the end of their term of service. The auxillia represented the highly diverse fighting system of Rome's army during the 1st and 2nd Century. These ranged from lightly armed supplementary cohorts such as archers and slingers to cavalry alae and spearmen.

The Batavians were a notable addition to the forces of the Roman army from the reign of Julius Caesar, until the reign of Romulus Augustulus. They played an important role in the successes of - and supplementation to - the Legions of the Roman army. Our modern Batavian unit honours these men and perpetuates their fine tradition.

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